Adopted on June 30, 2013

We, the members of The Moody Church, in order to reach men, women, and children for our Lord Jesus Christ in Chicago and to the ends of the earth; help believers grow in Christian maturity; and equip believers for the work of the ministry, establish this Constitution for The Moody Church to which we agree and voluntarily submit and bind ourselves.

Constitution Index (click on the links for the full text of each article)
Article 1. Name
Article 2. Doctrine, Christian Living, and Other Matters of Biblical Ethics
Article 3. Membership
Article 4. Nominating Committee
Article 5. Church Officers, Boards, and Councils
Article 6. Standing Subcommittees
Article 7. Ordination, Licensing, and Commissioning
Article 8. Church Discipline
Article 9. Use of Facilities
Article 10. Mediation and Arbitration
Article 11. Amendments to the Constitution

A complete copy of the Constitution in PDF format can be downloaded here.