Sunday evenings | Clarkview | 5:00pm

The Sunday Evening Gathering draws people from all walks of life who come together to sing, pray, and hear from God’s Word. It’s an informal and inviting place to connect with others as we grow in our faith.


New Sunday Evening Gathering Series: The Journey

Date September 9, 2017
Author Rev. Michael Best
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New series begins Sunday September 10, 5:00pm in Clarkview

Imagine you’re getting ready to move. The truck is packed, the gas tank is full, and you’re stocked with food for the trip. But where are you headed? You don’t know exactly; you just know that God …


New Sunday Evening Gathering Series: Parables

Date June 30, 2017
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New series begins Sunday July 2, 5:00pm in Clarkview

Have you ever been so caught up in a book that you felt like you couldn’t put it down? Or been so captured by a TV show that you found yourself binge-watching it late into the night? Humans have …