Famines, Deserts, and Other Hard Places

We Have No Map For This Territory

Date Sun, Jan 8, 2012

What if God wants to take us places we’ve never been before? These messages are intended to strengthen our faith for difficult days ahead. Whether national or personal, the day of calamity will come.

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Trusting God When The Wells Are Dry

Date Sun, Jan 15, 2012

When Abraham found himself in a famine, he panicked and did not consult God but left for Egypt.

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Empty Stomachs, Empty Arms

Date Sun, Jan 22, 2012

The story of Naomi and Ruth teaches us that God has a hidden purpose when there is both economic tragedy and death in an ordinary family. 

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The Desert, The Devil, And You

Date Sun, Jan 29, 2012

For many people, the road of life is treacherous, hard and long. There is fierce opposition both from other people and from Satan. Life for some is a series of unrelenting hardship. Enter temptation: Satan’s desire to separate us from fellowship with God.

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Preparing For The Day Of Calamity

Date Sun, Feb 5, 2012

Someday all the toys will be put back into the box. All money will be gone—forever.  James addresses warnings to the “wicked wealthy” but what he says applies to us all.

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Faith At The Breaking Point

Date Sun, Feb 12, 2012

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent triumph, bloodshed, famine and death. Under the rule of antichrist there will be world wide satanic worship, world wide martyrdom, and world wide economic control.

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Developing A Support System

Date Sun, Mar 4, 2012

How can we make it though the difficult times? In the desert some plants/trees bear fruit and others do not. We should be a tree with fruit and not a shrub.  

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