The Invisible World

            Things are not what they appear to be. Behind the world of our senses—the world we see and touch– there is a spiritual universe that can only be explored by studying the Scriptures. This unseen world is inhabited by God, angels, demons and of course, we access this world through the human mind.  On May 6, I will begin a series of messages that explores hidden realities such as God, angels, demons and places such as heaven and hell. Join us, because it is in the invisible world where the real battles are lost or won.     

Living In Two Worlds

Date Sun, May 6, 2012

We are better acquainted with the material world than the spiritual world, but both are real; and both are interconnected.

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Finding God In The Wasteland

Date Sun, May 20, 2012

Sent from home to avoid being killed by his brother, Jacob found himself in a deserted place, but discovered God was there with him. This account teaches us much about the invisible God.

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Knowledge From The Dark Side

Date Sun, May 27, 2012

Mankind has always wanted to connect with a power greater than he himself is; if he bypasses the true God, then he will connect with any number of other “gods” or spirit beings from the dark side.

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Power From The Dark Side

Date Sun, Jun 24, 2012

 In this passage we see the conflict between the power of God and the counterfeit power of the devil. We also learn that we must break off all association with those objects/gadgets that lead us into occultism.

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Motivated By The Invisible World

Date Sun, Jul 1, 2012

As citizens of both heaven and earth we live in two worlds. Here Paul teaches us how to navigate this tension between the city of man and the city of God.

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Angels, God’S Invisible Agents

Date Sun, Jul 15, 2012

If we could peer into the spirit world we would be both overwhelmed and jolted into the realization that yes, the atmosphere is full of activity.  In that realm battles are taking place that impact us.  What can we say about angels? They were (1) created by God (1) they are personal beings (3) all originally were holy (4) they have rank and organization and they (5) minister only to God’s people.

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Jesus, The Devil And You

Date Sun, Aug 26, 2012

 This account takes us into the unseen world, where our guilt is both exposed and covered. There are three personalities interacting somewhere in the stratosphere.

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A Glimpse Into Heaven

Date Sun, Sep 2, 2012
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