The Legacy Of A Converted Man

Confronted By Christ

Date Sun, Jul 19, 2015

Next to Christ Himself, Saul, later named Paul, has had the greatest impact on the doctrines of Christianity. Today we begin a short series of messages on his life and legacy.  Please note the three phases of his conversion experience (this outline is adapted from a book written by Dr. Sweeting).

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Suffering For Christ

Date Sun, Jul 26, 2015

Paul learned that his conversion entailed suffering. Indeed, suffering was the mark of his genuine apostleship. Let us learn from his experience of suffering which came to him from many different sources.

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Witnessing For Christ

Date Sun, Aug 2, 2015

When Paul was converted, Jesus made it clear that he was called to preach the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles. Today we eaves drop on one of Paul’s sermons to a skeptical crowd.

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On Trial For Christ

Date Sun, Aug 16, 2015

Like us, Paul was subject to the legal system of his day.  He was falsely accused of beginning a riot in Jerusalem. He was escorted to the Roman city of Caesarea where he met with the governor Felix who had three options: (1) return Paul to Jerusalem (2) release him; or (3) send him to Rome.  But to shift responsibilities he handed him over to King Agrippa.

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In Prison For Christ

Date Sun, Aug 23, 2015

Paul spent several years in jail, both in Caesarea and Rome.  He did not see prison as a setback, but took every opportunity to share the Gospel and to write letters. This letter–the shortest book in the Bible–reflects the heart and mind of Paul regarding slavery and Christian charity.

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Dying With Christ

Date Sun, Sep 13, 2015

When Paul was converted the zeal that he previously had for Judaism was transformed into zeal for Christ and His Church.  Paul learned, as we all should, that with faith in Christ death was not fearful, but welcome. As Paul comes to the close of his life he speaks with confidence.

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