When The Spirit Has His Way


Spiritual power, Spiritual companionship and Spiritual Fulfillment! Those are just a few of the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit who was sent by the Father to continue the work of Christ in our lives and experience.

These messages explore this basic doctrine which has suffered at the hands of extremists who associate the work of the Spirit with various manifestations. But these distortions aside, if we wish to personally and corporately know God’s special blessing, we must understand the Scriptural doctrine of the Holy Spirit and its application to our lives. These messages are not merely doctrinal, but intended to transform our personal lives and the corporate life of the church. When the Spirit has His way, we can expect things to be different–very different!

Naming The Spirit

Date Sun, Sep 9, 2012

What might happen if the Spirit were to have His way?

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The Gift Of Companionship

Date Sun, Sep 16, 2012

The Holy Spirit brings the presence of Jesus into our lives.

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The Gift Of Fulfillment

Date Sun, Sep 23, 2012

Jesus made an offer to those who were unfulfilled with empty rituals. What are the requirements to accept this gift of living water?

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The Gift Of Community

Date Sun, Oct 7, 2012

The early church became a community that changed the world.  What happened that made them such a group that was both (1) closely knit but also (2) could reach out to the world? It was the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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The Gift Of Conviction

Date Sun, Oct 14, 2012

Not a one of us would be saved (meaning, to receive Christ as Savior) were it not for the direct intervention of God the Holy Spirit. Jesus shares what the Holy Spirit will do when unleashed through believers.

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The Gift Of Purity

Date Sun, Oct 21, 2012

As believers we should honor the purity of the Holy Spirit.

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The Gift Of Security

Date Sun, Oct 28, 2012

The “sealing of the Spirit” is another ministry for our benefit given to us by the Holy Spirit.

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The Gift Of Sensitivity

Date Sun, Nov 4, 2012

The Spirit is grieved when the children of light walk as children of darkness. The contrast is remarkable. 

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The Gift Of Service

Date Sun, Nov 11, 2012

All the spiritual gifts we exercise are given and distributed by the Holy Spirit for the “common good.”

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The Gift Of Spiritual Fruit

Date Sun, Nov 18, 2012

The Holy Spirit has been given to reproduce the life of Christ within us; He is present so that Christ can become visible through “the fruit of the Spirit.”

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