You Can't Redo Life

Parables that help us get it right the first time.

Getting Conversion Right

Date Sun, May 29, 2011

Parable of the Sower.

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Getting Prayer Right

Date Sun, Jun 5, 2011

The Friend at Midnight

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Getting Forgiveness Right

Date Sun, Jun 12, 2011

Bitterness is one of the greatest stumbling blocks in our walk with God.  Jesus told this parable to help us grasp both the sin of an unforgiving spirit, and its cure.  This parable contains five life-changing lessons.

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Getting Parenting Right

Date Sun, Jun 19, 2011

The father in this story is an example to us of grace-filled parenting

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Getting Rewards Right

Date Sun, Jul 3, 2011

On the surface it appears that Jesus is lauding unfairness. How shall we interpret this parable?  Is the reward salvation? Will everyone be rewarded the same? Did those who came late, work harder than the early birds?  Three Powerful Lessons emerge.

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Getting Spiritual Warfare Right

Date Sun, Jul 24, 2011

When the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light meet, there is conflict and controversy.

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Getting Faithfulness Right

Date Sun, Jul 31, 2011

 Jesus frequently told parables about money, sometimes stressing good investments and sometimes emphasizing faithfulness and its rewards (as this parable shows). Here we have four dramatic scenes.

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Getting Evangelism Right

Date Sun, Aug 7, 2011

While at a banquet, Jesus used the occasion to tell a parable about a more important banquet to which people were invited but refused to come. Then a second and third invitation went out to a larger, more diverse population.

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Getting Investments Right

Date Sun, Aug 14, 2011

This parable about a shrewd manager, is a powerful lesson on investments.

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Getting Eternity Right

Date Sun, Aug 28, 2011

Here we have a man who lived for this world with no thought about the world to come.   What mistakes did he make?

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